We have the infrastructure in place to develop and produce high quality lubricants and greases. This includes implementing proper standards of storage and handling, something which is essential in the production of performance lubricants. Proper storage and handling of lubricants means taking care at all stages in order to prevent contamination or damage to containers.

The development of our own infrastructure has led to recommendations for our customers in regard to storing lubricants at plants or sites.

We recommend that all  packed and drummed products are stored indoors. Ideally, this should be in a temperature controlled room that is free from moisture. Both moisture and fluctuations in temperature reduce the shelf life of most lubricants.

Some products can be stored outside if necessary, but there are also several that must always be stored indoors. This includes car brake fluids, insulating oils, refrigeration oils, white oils and greases. It also includes cutting oils that contain fatty components. This is because these components solidify and become separated in cold weather.

Lubricants that are stored outside should be covered while also having access to freely circulating air. They should also be regularly checked for leaks or signs of moisture penetration. Additionally, they should be kept away from dusty areas, as dust is likely to contaminate the contents.


6,000 m2, Building shed area 1,671 m2

Production area, Office area, Laboratory

Boilers units, Steam 1 unit, Cooling tower,
Compressor, Air dryer, Weighing bridge,
Hot room, Tanks, Spares & Maintenance,
Rest room, Canteen, Locker room,
Praying room, Security area.


  • 100 MT Storage Tank 1 (Outside)
  • 50 MT Storage Tank 2 (Outside)
  • 20 MT Storage Tank 5 (2 Outside, 3 Inside)
  • 30 MT Storage Tank 3 (Inside)
  • 10 MT Storage Tank 1 (Inside)


  • Reactor (2 Units (5 MT each)
  • Main Reactors (2 units (5 MT each)
  • Pilot Size Reactor (3 units (1 MT, 800 Kg, 500 Kg)
  • Cooling tank (2 units (7 MT each)
  • Grease Mixing Tank (4 unit (7 MT)


  • Homogenizer (4 units)
  • Filter (3 units)
  • Three roll mill (2 units)
  • Alkali solution tank (2 units)
  • Vacuum pump
  • Compressor pump
  • Oil mixing tank (7 units)
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The quality of grease and lubricants produced by RCGL meets the global standard and has won the confidence and recognition of several world class grease and lubricants makers who continue to use our manufacturing.

Update Products

In respond to our various customer needs, products line of RCGL ranges from general greases to the special greases based on sophisticated complex soap thickeners, inorganic thickeners and lubrcating oils for use in heavy applications.

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our well trained and experienced R&D staffs are ready to respond to customers demand for development of new products, technical support and solutions.

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